We’re Not Dead, Just… (Fill in the Blank)
Abe Lincoln
Well as the last of the political nomination processes goes into the books we finally have the time to return to our normal lives.  We’ve been deep into the Honest Abe 2016 campaign since the last season ended, far too deep to have free time to update the site or comment about the top stories of the day.  We were fairly sure that we’d be shutting down JPP entirely to take our rightful places in Washington, but apparently there isn’t room for another candidate that’s already been in the White House or for another candidate that speaks his mind without a filter. So we are reluctantly Read More
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College Football Playoff: The Final Countdown
saban trophy boring
Well Ladies and Gentlemen there is a day that all good things must come to an end. Today is that day.  So here we are… one last final game.  If Saban looks bored in the cover photo it is because winning trophies has become common practice.  You might be bored too after winning that much.  So who are we going to pick?  It's the Final Countdown... The Monday Edition College Football Playoff National Championship Presented by AT&T Phoenix, Arizona @ 7:30 p.m., ESPN Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Clemson Tigers Ash Predicts:  I haven’t watched any football this bowl game Read More
4th Annual Bowl Extravaganza Spectacular of Ridiculousness: Part Three
Sounds about right...
PART THREE: THE SEARCH FOR TWO If you are reading this and wondering what happened to Part Two of the Predictions so are we.  We can’t find them anywhere.  Chances are you probably didn’t really miss them either.  With that being said we’ll pick up on the eighth day of bowl season and hope that you don’t mind that we forgot about 8 - 10 games no one really cares about.  Also you should be aware that Ash has taken this time to talk in depth about the new Star Wars movie.  Spoilers...  On the eighth day of Bowl Season, ESPN brought to me (12/29) Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl Read More
4th Annual Bowl Extravaganza Spectacular of Ridiculousness: Part UNO
duh face
It’s that time of year and the five words that all our contributors dread: Bowl Extravaganza Spectacular of Ridiculousness.  Buckle up as we cover every bowl game in America.  That’s right.  Every. Last. One.  However, we aren’t quite that cruel and we realized that you would probably tune out after the first 10,000 words or so.  So we are breaking it up into several easy pieces for you to digest.  But before we begin, here is how we closed out the regular season. Final Season Stats and Apologizes JP: My final apology goes to Clemson.  Somehow you out did yourself this year. Read More
Week 14 Predictions: Championship Week OR Everbody Loves Bacon
grant me your bacon
So rivalry week was better to some of us than others. In fact, one person ran the gauntlet and picked every last game correctly.  For that we salute you, but not much else.  The week 14 predictions is only concerned about one thing: championships.  We’ve got eight games on tap for you this weekend beginning Friday.  Will you be watching?  But first before we begin it is time to get some housekeeping out of the way...   What I have to apologize for (But probably won’t): Ash:  I am sorry that no matter how well Nate does it won’t matter and he’s ineligible to win bragging Read More
Week 13 SEC Predictions: Are We Done Yet?
  So last week we had to cover sixteen games around here.  Getting our attention for that long is like a monkey riding a dog trying to herd cats around here.   No one likes covering sixteen games as a pastime.  Luckily for us we get a bit of a reprieve for rivalry week.  We only got fifteen games to get you through!  No capsules.  No Bull.  Just snark.  Think this is bad?  Just wait until we get to the 4th Annual Bowl Extravaganza Spectacular of Ridiculousness in a couple of weeks.  That's when things go really downhill... Things that I should probably apologize for, but won’t… Ash: Read More
Week 12 Predictions: Sixteen Games You Couldn’t Care Less About
This year, Spurrier has his eyes on a title.
It's the calm before the storm week in the SEC.  Fortunately for the viewers there are worthwhile games this weekend.  Unfortunately for SEC fans they involve lesser conferences.  Yeah I'm talking about you Big Ten (+4) and Big Twelve (-2)!  Because we don't really care we will be practicing the art of recycling this week.  That's right.  Not a single new picture this week.  Well except for the picture we used to say we are recycling.   How ironic?  Auntie Litter did her job.  Reuse, Reduce waste, Recycle! What we have to apologize for… Ash:  I regret nothing. (24-0 Last week, 534-1289 Read More
Week 11 SEC Predictions: We Failed To Come Up With A Clever Tagline
Will hopefully get to enjoy watching his Dawgs play this weekend as well as find a shirt.
In three weeks, the regular college football season will be over.  Now that I've stolen your joy it is time to get on to the stuff that matters and not the horrible feature image that we used this week. What we have to apologize for… Ash: I apologize to anyone that is going to be forced to watch an Iowa vs. Clemson national championship game. (4 - 5 last week, 62 - 36 on the season) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EwSP_yPa0w Nate:(4-5 last week, 60 - 27 on the season) I apologize to all of you for having such an abysmal week. 4-5 is completely unacceptable unless we are talking about Read More
Week 10 SEC Predictions: One Game to Rule Them All!
one ring
Somewhere Phil Fulmer will see that donut and begin to salivate. The last full month of football season is upon us and fatigue is beginning to set in.  This week only really one game matters.  Well maybe two if you are an Alabama fan who wants to go to Atlanta.  But we've delayed this thing long enough.  If you are looking for someone to blame if was probably Guy Fawkes related. What we have to apologize for… Ash:  I can’t believe I didn’t get to go 7-0 as well.  Actually I’m not given my interest level the last few weeks.  Whatever, it’s my Birthday today, that means I don’t Read More
Week 9: We Lost to a Penny
Abe Lincoln
It’s only happened a handful of times, but last week all our “expert” predictors got beat by a penny.  That’s right.  Honest Abe and his game of chance outdid all of us in Week 8.  For that we have walked around in shame this week.  Some of us have taken it harder than others.  Ash continues to work through it all and this week he might have finally accepted the fact that Nate might beat him without even picking for a full week.  So we all tip our hat to you Honest Abe.  May it never happen again. What we have to apologize for… Ash: I’m apologizing to… who cares.  Are you Read More

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