Week 4 Review: Les is More in the SEC… Or is it?
Taste the rainbow.  Feel the rainbow.
  This past weekend brought some early season attrition to the SEC. The saddest football news of the weekend, though, came to us out of Baton Rouge. We start off this week with one Les coach in the SEC west. As I am sure you have all heard, the head grass-eater himself is out of a job after a “controversial” loss in the Jungle this past week end. So we will try to sober up a bit, get this review done, and then pour some out for our homie, Les Miles. May you find greener pastures and better clock management skills in the Big 10. SEC Recap by team (this is the new format, dummies): SEC Read More
Week 4 Predictions: Wake Me Up When September Ends
Never been beaten
The first several weeks of the football season has not been kind to our set of illustrious pickers.  The SEC has underwhelmed us, our picks have been garbage, and Honest Abe decided to go MIA (Yes, he is a real person).  Even with the setbacks we continue to push forward.  We're ready for October and the fall to finally get here.   Week 4 Predictions Kent State Golden Flashes vs. Alabama Crimson Tide, 11:00 a.m., SECN Last week Bama got their teeth knocked out during the first 25 minutes of the game.  Most teams don’t survive going down to their opponent by 20+ points Read More
Week 3 Recap: All Homered Out
All hope is not lost... yet.
The SEC is not what it used to be, except maybe for Bama.  Week 3 featured disappointing losses for Vandy, Auburn, and Ole Miss.  We'd love to move on to Week 4, but before we go we must take a quick recap of a very busy Week 3 in the SEC. SEC East Tennessee once again struggled with a non-power five conference foe.  If Ohio could have turned field goals into touchdowns, it would have been a very embarrassing day for the Vols. Vanderbilt went down to Atlanta and got whipped by the Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech.  It wasn't a Cumberland type of beat down, but it was embarrassing Read More
Week 3 SEC Predictions: It Might Get Real This Weekend
Week 3 Predictions   Ohio Bobcats vs. Tennessee Vols, 11:00 a.m., SECN Last week Tennessee defeated Virginia Tech at the Battle of Bristol.  Much like a NASCAR Race after the start of college football season, nobody watched it except for the 150,000+ souls stuck at the race track.  This week the Vols try and get back on track by playing down to a lesser opponent.  Get it… “on track”... I’m hilarious. JP Predicts:  Butch Jones and friends remain perfect with their mastery of lesser foes. Vols Ash Predicts:  If you can bob a wrench, you can bob a cat.  Orange Nate Read More
Week 2: Recap – Late Again
Nobody Cares
Week 2 is in the books and we're no more prepared to recap it today than we were after it happened.  We don't even have the  "oh we we're waiting for all the games to play out" excuse this week.  We're all busy and honestly there weren't any games worth mentioning this week. JP, Nate, and Abe met up this weekend in Auburn.  But since the last time we were all in the same place at the same time Auburn lost to JSU, we took the safe route and left Ash at home.  No pictures were taken of this meetup, but be assured it did happen. Round Robin Recap: SEC EAST University of Florida  - Read More
Week 2 Predictions: Redemption
Week 2 Week 2 is upon us and we are already struggling from mid-season blues.  As a whole, we have never had such a rough opening week.  Then again, we didn’t expect the SEC to look like a dumpster fire.  Our picks were terrible last week, but here is to some sweet week 2 redemption.  We're not quite ready to throw up the surrender-cobra's like our friends at Mississippi State.  Will just continue to grin and bear it like our old friend former rising coaching super star Dan Mullen.   But if we decide to change our minds, we'll let you know.  Now onto the picks.   Nicholls Read More
Week 1 Recap : The ‘We told you the SEC sucks’ edition.
Sure you could point to us and say we are just now getting around to doing a recap and are lazy, but we like to think that we waited for all the SEC games to play out before bothering to look back. Like most SEC programs (the most since '92) we're going to try to look backwards as briefly as possible because it's all bad back there.  We were all laughing last Thursday when Tennessee and South Carolina struggled but by the end of the Ole Miss catastrophe the joke was no longer funny. Sure there are some programs 'celebrating', but unless you're wearing the mulletted Atlanta Braves logo of Read More
Week 1 SEC Predictions: Are We There Yet?
Its finally that time of year to start picking games and we couldn’t be any more excited… if we were actually excited… and we are not.  To top things off, we regret to inform you that Honest Abe was unable to join us this week because of his fervent work in the political sector campaigning.  We considered subbing in our friend Big 10 Barth for the opening week, but the motion did not pass.  *(Correction: Honest Abe did show up be we still aren't sure why?) To further complicate matters, we picked fourteen “exciting” games for you this opening week.  We hope you enjoy.   Week Read More
The Almost Better Late than Never 2016 Abridged Southeastern Conference Football Preseason Thoughts
Now just imagine that the wave was green...
It’s possible we’ve been preoccupied with life over the last few weeks.  It’s also possible we simply don’t care much about 2016 football for some reason or another.  It could be either of the above, but it’s probably the later one.  Pre-season football is almost over and as a collection of Auburn fans (look we try to be impartial, but we are what we are) there is very mild excitement and very low expectations so it’s likely that’s bleeding into this delay.  We usually do a much longer preview session, and this year we almost didn’t even get this done at all.  So if you’re Read More
We’re Not Dead, Just… (Fill in the Blank)
Abe Lincoln
Well as the last of the political nomination processes goes into the books we finally have the time to return to our normal lives.  We’ve been deep into the Honest Abe 2016 campaign since the last season ended, far too deep to have free time to update the site or comment about the top stories of the day.  We were fairly sure that we’d be shutting down JPP entirely to take our rightful places in Washington, but apparently there isn’t room for another candidate that’s already been in the White House or for another candidate that speaks his mind without a filter. So we are reluctantly Read More
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