5th Annual Bowl Extravaganza Spectacular of Ridiculousness: The Final, Final, Final Predictions
  This is it.  Our final predictions for the 5th Annual Bowl Extravaganza Spectacular of Ridiculousness.  Heck, it’s the final predictions, period.  I would just like to thank Ash, Nate, and even Honest Abe for all the work they put into this site over the last five seasons.  I could not have done it without you and I probably got more laughs than anyone from putting together each week.  The gamesmanship between all of you has been highly entertaining and you stuck it out even when you had better things you could be spending your time on.  You’ve been here when we had thousands Read More
5th Annual Bowl Extravaganza Spectacular of Ridiculousness: The Final Countdown
Whatever you do, don't ask him about his "surprise."
Once upon a time bowl season was merely bowl week.  Good teams were rewarded with trips to usually southern destinations to escape bad weather and bad football.  But in this day and age, where everyone gets a trophy, almost two-thirds of FBS schools go bowling.  So you have to be pretty awful to stay home for the holidays.  I'm looking at you Missouri and Ole Miss...  Heck, even 5 -7 Mississippi State went bowling this year because someones got to fill those spots.  The week between Christmas through New Year's Day was bowl week.  Now it stretches over three weeks.  With all that being Read More
5th Annual Bowl Extravaganza Spectacular of Ridiculousness: Part Duh
Did you enjoy our first week of bowl predictions?  No?  Then why are you reading this one?  I’ll stop with the rhetorical questions now.  Our second offering of bowl games features some better matchups, but also several that leave you asking why are there so many bowls?  Our self appointed experts took time out of their busy holiday schedules to give you their takes on the second round of bowl games.  Enjoy! Monday, December 26th On the eighth day of bowl season, ESPN brought to me two SEC teams of mediocrity. St. Petersburg Bowl, 11 a.m., ESPN Miami (The crappy Ohio version) Read More
5th Annual Bowl Extravaganza Spectacular of Ridiculousness: Part Dumb
At least we don't award trophies around here...
Bowl Extravaganza of Ridiculousness: Part Dumb This year we are breaking up our fifth and final Bowl Extravaganza Spectacular of Ridiculousness into three parts for your reading pleasure.  The first part is entirely the BSEC section, or Before SEC.  These are the games that only really the fans of participating schools really care about… unless you have a hardcore football junky problem.   The second part will feature the mid-section, or not that important games.  These are the games of teams that maybe wish they had had a better season, but they are bowling anyways.  The final part Read More
Week 14 Predictions: Championship Week
Ohio State urban meye
College football season is almost over.  With a few exceptions, this week is championship week where only the best of the best of each conference are playing... unless you are the Big 12 where everyone gets a participation trophy.  Without further ado, we present our best educated guesses on games and teams that we haven't watched any football on.  How exciting! Week 14 Predictions: Championship Week Friday Marathon MAC Football Championship Western Michigan Broncos vs. Ohio Bobcats, 6:00 p.m., ESPN2 There is only one good reason to watch this game… Can Western Michigan Read More
Week 13 Predictions: Rivalry Week
It's rivalry week.  That means one thing around here at JP Predicts: a lot of work when we rather not be working to due predictions.  But some how, some way, we keep making it happen.  We hope that you have a safe and wonderful holidays.  We hope that you don't disown, strangle, or .... any family members over politics or college football over turkey.  At least wait until Black Friday and take it out on unsuspecting shoppers.  With that being said, enjoy the predictions. Rivalry Week Thursday LSU Tigers vs. Texas A&M Aggies, 6:30 p.m., ESPN LSU couldn’t put Florida away Read More
Week 12 Predictions: In the Nick of Time
Nick Saban.  He is still smiling...
Good morning/afternoon.  These predictions are going out just in the Nick of time without a second to spare! We were running slightly behind this week due to two-thirds of our crew having paying jobs that required us to do adult like things this week.  I'll let you try and figure out who the other third is. This week’s games are among some of the worst we’ve seen all season.  Luckily for you, we didn’t waste much time covering it.  That means you probably should waste a lot of time reading it. Week 12 Predictions UL-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns vs. Georgia Bulldogs, 11:00 a.m., SECN We Read More
Week 11 Predictions: The End is Near
The best Bob Barker tattoo you'll see today.
College Football season has hit the homestretch and the playoff picture is starting to shape up.  The SEC only has two potential candidates in Alabama and Auburn.  This week they'll have to both get by a bunch of Bulldogs to set up a Western Division, winner take all situation in Tuscaloosa on November 26th.  Weird scenarios exist where both teams could end up in the College Football Playoff, but there is a lot of football to be played between then and now.  Now onto our predictions.  There is a good chance that they are more accurate than political pollsters, but that's  not saying much Read More
Week 10 Review: Ode to Former Rising Coaching Superstar Dan Mullen
Seems confused about JP's actual prediction.  No Dan, I didn't pick your team.
The 10th Week of SEC football brought few surprises.  Most of our predictions came true, (at least JP and Nate’s) except Mississippi State.  Everyone who roots for a team has one of those games that makes you throw up a little bit in your mouth.  For Texas A&M fans, that was this weekend against State.  The Aggies were huge favorites and why shouldn’t they be?  State had lost to every SEC foe they faced except South Carolina.  Heck, they lost to Kentucky and even South Alabama.  They struggled with UMass.   Cake walk for the Aggies, right?  No sir.  Mississippi State beat the Read More
Week 10 Predictions: Where is the Cold November Rain?
Remember when you were a kid and November meant hot chocholate and cold Fall nights.  Yeah, not so much anymore.   Here in Alabama it means record highs, drought like conditions, and jort creepage from Florida.  I'm ready for winter. Three cheers to Ash and Nate who took up the hobby of writing capsules this week.  I guess they had determined JP wasn’t his normal funny self.  Either way, the break is appreciated. Week 10 Predictions Texas A&M Aggies vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 11:00 a.m., SECN By no fault of their own the Texas A&M Aggies are in the white hot spotlight Read More

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