Week 8 SEC Predictions: There Can Only Be One…
I'm glad we got the playoff.  I'm not glad Larry is still around.  Viking funeral anyone?
We apologize for the lack of great material this week.  JP got lazy and decided walking around in circles for hours on end was more fun than finishing the Predictions in a timely manner. So this might be sloppier than usual. That also might mean it is better than usual...   Week 8 Predictions Massachusetts Minutemen vs. South Carolina Gamecocks, 11:00 a.m., SECN Massachusetts is slowly trying to make its case to be in the SEC East.  In the last several years they have played Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, and now South Carolina.  Who can blame them for wanting to be a SEC team? Read More
Week 7 Review: Georgia is the new Vandy
Week 7 Review When we look back at Week 7 it's nearly forgettable.  I mean if you're a Georgia or Tennessee fan you're probabaly pretending you had an off week last week.   Which is appropriate given that your teams played like they did. SEC East Florida:  Florida was the biggest winner in the East last week, always good to control your destiny. Georgia:  Smart may be his last name, but coming out and announcing a 'rebuilding year' mid-season may not have been. Kentucky:  JP says it's still possible we'll see UK in Atlanta.  Other articles say Stoops is coaching his last season Read More
Week 7 SEC Predictions: Rank and File
We were tempted to call this week's predictions "Half Way There, Part Two: Electric Boogaloo," but Ash said that it's too played out.  Instead we went with rank and file. Why you ask? Because we pretty much agree on everything sans the Ole Miss/Razorback game.  It's a rarity that happens, but when it does we feel the need to point it out.  But don't let me spoil any more of the predictions... Week 7 Predictions Friday, October 14th Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. BYU Cougars, 9:15 p.m., ESPN The Bulldogs continue their U.S. travels (they went to Boston earlier) as they head out Read More
Week 6 Review: Fumblerooski!
Week 6 Review When we look back at Week 6 of the college football season we will remember it for several things... like fumbling.  I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve never seen so much fumbling this late in the season.  It didn’t matter what game I turned on Saturday somebody was fumbling the ball.  It didn’t get any better on Sunday with the game between South Carolina and Georgia.  Also, I can’t figure out why LSU/Florida didn’t follow suit and play the game on Sunday like the Dawgs and Gamecocks.  Tampa Bay wasn’t playing until Monday Night and nobody cares about the Read More
Week 6 SEC Predictions: Almost Halfway There…
Our number on pick for things we were considering doing before the LSU/UF game got cancelled.
Depending on how you slice it, we are at the middle of the 2016 College Football Season.  If you are purist, you might say it's next week. But what do we know?  Apparently not much these days.  That doesn’t mean we are going to be quiet though.  Onto the Week 6 SEC Predictions. Week 6 SEC Predictions The following game was cancelled due to lack of interest.  However, we left it in our predictions. LSU Tigers vs. Florida Gators, 11:00 a.m., ESPN It’s been a sad week for LSU faithful as their beloved mascot, Mike VI, has been given less than 2 months to live.  This week Read More
Week 5: Delicious Dawg Tears
Georgia beat Tennessee, then Georgia beat Georgia.  Other than that is was a pretty "business as usual" weekend across the board for the SEC. SEC West : Alabama – Took a quarter but Bama finally woke up and finished off Kentucky.   Auburn – Auburn cruised, is offense improving or just a lousy opponent? LSU – Les Miles is wondering where this offense was for the last 3 years. Texas A&M – A&M had like 15% of their roster out for this game, it at least made it interesting. Ole Miss – You held a really good offense to this point to less than their average.  Still Read More
Week 5 Predictions: We Mailed It In…
It’s time for Week 5 Predictions.  Pardon our lack of effort this week.  Almost all the material is recycled this week. Nate is being a grown up and doing grown up things.  Ash is entertaining/detaining company in his basement.  JP is heading to Indianapolis to watch the RedBull Air Races.  Even with all these things, the show must go on! Week 5 SEC Predictions Alcorn State Braves vs. Arkansas Razorbacks, 11:00 a.m., SECN Arkansas is coming off a disappointing loss to Texas A&M.  Bret Bielema looks to get his Razorbacks back to their winning ways against the Braves of Alcorn Read More
Week 4 Review: Les is More in the SEC… Or is it?
Taste the rainbow.  Feel the rainbow.
  This past weekend brought some early season attrition to the SEC. The saddest football news of the weekend, though, came to us out of Baton Rouge. We start off this week with one Les coach in the SEC west. As I am sure you have all heard, the head grass-eater himself is out of a job after a “controversial” loss in the Jungle this past week end. So we will try to sober up a bit, get this review done, and then pour some out for our homie, Les Miles. May you find greener pastures and better clock management skills in the Big 10. SEC Recap by team (this is the new format, dummies): SEC Read More
Week 4 Predictions: Wake Me Up When September Ends
Never been beaten
The first several weeks of the football season has not been kind to our set of illustrious pickers.  The SEC has underwhelmed us, our picks have been garbage, and Honest Abe decided to go MIA (Yes, he is a real person).  Even with the setbacks we continue to push forward.  We're ready for October and the fall to finally get here.   Week 4 Predictions Kent State Golden Flashes vs. Alabama Crimson Tide, 11:00 a.m., SECN Last week Bama got their teeth knocked out during the first 25 minutes of the game.  Most teams don’t survive going down to their opponent by 20+ points Read More
Week 3 Recap: All Homered Out
All hope is not lost... yet.
The SEC is not what it used to be, except maybe for Bama.  Week 3 featured disappointing losses for Vandy, Auburn, and Ole Miss.  We'd love to move on to Week 4, but before we go we must take a quick recap of a very busy Week 3 in the SEC. SEC East Tennessee once again struggled with a non-power five conference foe.  If Ohio could have turned field goals into touchdowns, it would have been a very embarrassing day for the Vols. Vanderbilt went down to Atlanta and got whipped by the Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech.  It wasn't a Cumberland type of beat down, but it was embarrassing Read More

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