Week 1 Review: What we learned…

Well Week 1 is in the books and it is time for the Monday Review on  how everyone did… on a Tuesday.



JP…………..,..Straight up (13-2, 86.6%)  Against the Spread (3 – 8, 27.4%)

Ash…….,…….Straight up (12-3, 80.0%) Against the Spread (6 – 5, 54.5%)

Honest AbeStraight up (11-4, 73.3%)  Against the Spread (8 – 3, 72.7%)

So what does it all mean?  That picking winners is easy, but picking against the spread is hard…  unless you are coin being flipped.  How does a freaking penny go over 72% against the spread?  It looks like Honest Abe knew somethings that Ash and I didn’t.

Biggest Surprise of the Week 

Tennessee’s domination of N.C. State in the Georgia Dome.  Most people figured that the loss of Da’Rick Rogers would create further turmoil for Tennessee.  Then Cordelle Patterson happened.  Tyler Bray looked like he was throwing 7 on 7 skeleton out there against a respected defense.  Tennessee looks like it is going to be a fun team to watch this year.

Biggest Winner of the Week

Alabama absolutely decimated Michigan.  I picked Bama to win, but I thought they would have a bit more trouble with the Wolverines.  However, Bama does need to temper expectations… it was just a Big 10 team…

Boise State’s BCS aspirations: DOA

Biggest Winners of All

The American people.  Boise State lost to open the season.  That means that I don’t have to hear about them all season.  I would like to thank Michigan State for already making this season more pleasant.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Biggest Losers of the Week

Didn’t really have one in the games that we picked.  I mean I could really kick Michigan why the are down, but that would mean I’d have to pull them up off the concrete just to do it.  No, your biggest loser of the week is Pittsburg.  I know we didn’t pick that game, but how do you lose to a FCS School (Youngstown State) by two touchdowns at home?

Serving Crow…

No one really took us to task in the comments before the games.  So there isn’t any crow to be served.  Congratulations on not making fools of yourself this week.  Give yourself a nice pat on the back or a slow clap.

Auburn fans: Andre Ellington is the new Fred Talley.

Eating Crow…

JP…     I have to eat some crow on the Auburn – Clemson Game.  It was the only one beside the obscure game of the week that picked the wrong winner.  I honestly expected to see the Clemson QB on the ground more often.  Instead, his legs and calm demeanor won his team the game.  Kudos to you sir.  I could eat a lot of crow on my dismal performance against the spread this week.  Truth be known, I hate any game that is double digit lines.  I was honestly disappointed on how the SEC East looked against inferior competition.  Georgia and Florida struggled more than they should have.  I probably should have accounted for some more rust than I did.


Ash… I missed horribly on the Notre Dame – Navy Game.  My prediction was meant to be more funny than serious.  I was just imagining the chaos that would have ensued if Navy had pulled off the deed.  Instead, they rolled over and got beat by 40 points.

Honest Abe…  I don’t have to eat crow for nothing.  I took the teams I was forced to take and made the best of a bad situation.  I mean, I got stuck with having to pick Buffalo and North Texas.  All in all I think I had a good week.  At least I didn’t go 27% against the spread…

Thanks for stopping by and come back on Thursday afternoon for week 2 predictions! If you want to go back and see what all the fuss is about, click here for Week 1 Predictions.




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7 thoughts on “Week 1 Review: What we learned…

  1. Sparty says “you’re welcome”. big 10+2 -1 FTW!! btw, how could you not note that the -1 team managed to lose in their home opener against the Ohio University. its like The Ohio State, only i don’t hate them anywhere near as much

    1. Kicking Penn State while they are down is just not cool. Losing to a MAC team is embarrassing, but doesn’t Indiana do that all the time? Losing to a FCS school is the most embarrassing thing that a team can do. Just ask Jack Crowe, Houston Nutt, and Lloyd Carr how losing to a FCS school impacts your career.

      1. the Penn State thing, I root against them since i’m an Illini. but in this case, i’m rooting against their fans, not the players. the fact that they all had “409” shirts and JoePa cut outs just pisses me off. they still don’t get it. so yes, i will continue to root against their fans until they realize that this is deeper than number of wins from a guy who coached from the pressbox by the end anyway

        1. Thou shall not worship false idols. Joe Pa is so ingrained in everything at that university. It will take a solid four years without him being there to slowly change things. You will see more immediate changes, but things will take time up there.

  2. I was pretty upset with Auburn’s performance, but I thought there were a few bright spots. The defense looked a lot better than it did last season and Frazier has a lot of potential (but haven’t we been saying that for over a year?). Bammers certainly have reason to cheer, they made Michigan look stuh-stuh-stupid. Seeing how many cobwebs ranked teams (Michigan, Georgia in the first half, South Carolina, Stanford, Ohio State in the first half, Wisconsin, Florida in the first half, and Virginia Tech) had to shake off in Week 1, I think Auburn would have been better off scheduling an easier game for the opener like a majority of the ranked teams did. Hopefully we can pull it together next week when we start SEC play.

    1. I wasn’t as upset with Auburn’s performance. It was a good game against a good team that could have been better. Playing big games to open the season is a risk/reward type thing. Auburn and Alabama both seem to enjoy that challenge. The downside is when you lose, sometimes a lot of air can come from out of your sails. Auburn might have been better off against an easier opponent, especially breaking in a new quarterback. This week they will go to Starkville as an underdog. I think that is wishful thinking.

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