Week 3 Review: The Sun Belt Strikes Back
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Well week 3 of the college football season is in the books.  The only thing that is certain at this point is that many preseason rankings were crap.  We had a so – so week this week picking, but for the first time everyone was at 50% or above against the spread.  As a whole, SEC teams have been far more disappointing against lesser competition causing us indigestion and crappy records against the spread.


This weeks results

JP…………..,..Straight up (10 – 4, 71.4%)  Against the Spread (6 – 6, 50%)

Ash…….,…….Straight up (10 – 4, 71.4%) Against the Spread (7 – 5, 58.3 %)

Honest AbeStraight up (8 – 6, 57.1%)  Against the Spread (8 – 4, 66.6%)

That brings us to our updated season totals…

Season Totals

JP…………..,..Straight up (31 – 9, 77.5%) Against the Spread (13 – 20, 39.4%)

Ash…….,…….Straight up (28 – 12, 70%) Against the Spread (16 – 17, 48.5 %)

Honest AbeStraight up (24 – 16, 60.0%)  Against the Spread (18 – 15, 54.5%)

So what did we learn in week 3?  That college football is still exciting and that nothing is certain.  Here are some of my thoughts on Week 3…

Biggest Surprise (s)

What a team from the Sunbelt is supposed to look like to a SEC team.

The Sun Belt Conference

We call them patsies, easy victories, sacrificial lambs, and even mercy killings.   These teams are expected to come play at the big stadium, put on a good show in the first half, fade in the second, and leave with a nice paycheck.  Hey, at least its better than what would happen in Roman days!  ULM took its second straight SEC West opponent to overtime, but came up short this time.  Troy gave Mississippi State all they wanted, but Dan Mullen’s genius was just too much.  Western Kentucky beat Kentucky in overtime, likely helping bring the Joker Phillips era to an end.  So how good is the Sun Belt?  Who knows…  Actually, a better question might be how bad is the SEC?


After struggling through the first half of every game this year, the Gators have done enough in the second half to win games.  Saturday was no exception.  They closed out the game on a 24-0 run to win in a rout in Knoxville.  The Gators are slowly, but surely starting to make a believer out of me…

Biggest Winner (s)


Arkansas really missed Tyler Wilson on Saturday.  They also missed Bobby Petrino as well as any resemblance of a football team.  However, you have to give Alabama their due credit.  They went to Fayetteville and they gave the Piggies their worst beating since USC came to town several years ago.

Western Kentucky

Coach Willie Taggart’s rag tag bunch of Hilltoppers beat the oddsmakers two weeks in a row.  The difference is that this time they walked out of Lexington with a win in overtime, reasserting the Sunbelt as a better conference then that USA one.  If you haven’t seen the play that won the Hilltoppers the game, here it is…

Lane Kiffin still plays video games, fights with his imaginary friend.

SEC fans

Many of us got tired of hearing about how Lane Kiffin and his USC Trojans would be the team to finally end the SEC’s dominance.  Without any Luck at all, the Stanford Cardinal ended that dream… beating the Trojans for the fourth straight time.  I suspect that Oregon is going to run through this Trojan team like a hot knife through butter… and I’d be alright with that.

Biggest Loser (s)


I didn’t pick the Western Kentucky upset, but plenty of people did.  Someone must have been looking forward to basketball season… and looking for a new coach.


Tennessee looked good until the second half of the Florida game.  Then it looked like they just quit… or either Florida just completely shut them down.

I feel sorry for…

I feel bad for Arkansas, but I’m still enjoying my bacon!


Last Spring, people were wondering whether or not the Razorbacks would challenge LSU and Alabama for the SEC West.   Nowadays, the question is who will be the second new head coach in less than a year.  The Arkansas team and fan base deserve better than what has happened over the last 6 months.

Serving Crow…

Our friend, the HoneyBadgersDealer, came out with the bold prediction that ULM would beat the Auburn Tigers.  He was wrong, but calling for a 16.5 point underdog to win straight up is pretty gutsy.  He was close, but no cigar.  However, I can’t serve crow to someone who went on record picking a big upset and his pick lost in over time.  Seems like he might know more than others…

Eating Crow…

There is plenty of warm, delicious crow to go around this week.  First off, kudos to our faithful follower supergimp.  He correctly called the Western Kentucky upset and posted about it.  If I had a free t-shirt, I would give it to you.  But since I don’t, take this shout out that only several hundred people will read as my gift to you.  Now onto the eating of crow…


JP and Ash owe you an apology.  We thought you would struggle in Knoxville and you didn’t.  All apologies.

Western Kentucky

We’ve made fun of your mascots funny shape and “Grimace” ripped off appearance and will continue to do so… it looks terrible by the way.  I had several Alabama people tell me in person to pick the upset.  They were right… and once again, Ash and I were wrong.  Hats off to the Hilltoppers.

Notre Dame found a way to win despite this cheerleaders best efforts.

Notre Dame

For far too long I’ve treated you like the has been, mediocre program that you have been for the last two decades.  On Saturday, you looked legit for the first time in ages.  I picked against you and I was wrong.  Somewhere, Rudy is proud…


I’m glad I’m having to eat crow over this upset.  I like Lane Kiffin as much as I like American Idol.  Thank you for shutting up the pundits… for now.





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2 thoughts on “Week 3 Review: The Sun Belt Strikes Back

  1. I took Stanford, ULM, Western Kentucky, and Notre Dame in my Yahoo Pickem. My picks this week took me from ninth place in my league to first place by a single point. I also picked South Carolina State to be the lowest scoring team for a tiebreaker – never thought I would see Arkansas with a goose egg. Went 27-6 against the spread in a hot week. It happens at least once a year, now I’m done! Conference USA is still the weakest conference in the country, but never bet against Troy and the points when they are playing a top 25 team. The year the Trojans became (what was then) Division I they were the only team in the country to beat the spread every week.

  2. You know as well as I do at the end of the fourth quarter you thought Auburn was going to lose that game. Auburn pulled it out and I am happy they did.

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