Week 6: A Review for ‘SC Marcus’

So JP is drowning in that backlog of work that piled up while he was touring the Caribbean and I’ve had a hard time forcing myself to take the time to look backwards about last week after Auburn’s embarrassing performance.  But SC Marcus pointed out that we need to stay loyal to our readers no matter how much we have going on or how much we want to forget what happened to our team.

Week 6 saw some significant shakeup in the top 25.  We finally got to see if some of the undefeated teams were contenders or pretenders and some of those were surprising for some people.  JP says he emailed me his picks from some shady internet connection on the high seas, but I never got it so despite his claims that he picked 42 games perfect against the spread we aren’t going to count anything for him towards the season total.  Let’s see how we did.

Weekly Total

Ash……..…….Straight up (5-2, 71.4%) Against the Spread (6-1, 85.7%)

Honest Abe…Straight up (5-2, 71.4%)  Against the Spread (4-3, 57.1%)

That brings our yearly totals to…

Season Totals

JP………………Straight up (51 – 14, 78.5%) Against the Spread (25 – 30, 45.4%)

Ash……..…….Straight up (54 – 18, 75.0%) Against the Spread (35 – 27, 56.4 %)

Honest Abe…Straight up (40 – 32, 55.5%)  Against the Spread (34 – 28, 54.8%)


Biggest Suprises


Since this was the Gameday location anyone watching ESPN got to hear all day about how great a game this was going to be and how much improved Georgia was.  Anyone who continued watching ESPN saw exactly why that wasn’t the case.  I didn’t expect Georgia to win, but anyone who predicted the absolute and total dismantling by South Carolina was in the minority I think.

Sometimes you’re just that happy.

NC State

Not many people picked NC State to upset potential National Champion contender FSU but when it was all over that’s what happened.  Lee Corso himself kept saying NC State had a long history of being the fly in the ointment for ‘contending’ FSU teams but it was all laughed off pre-game.  It didn’t seem so funny when it was all over.  Anytime you can beat your rival and essentially nullify their entire season, you have to consider that a win.

Biggest Winners

Geno Smith

There were more ‘he’ll never do that against Texas’ people after WVU out ran Baylor than Geno Smith touchdowns but that didn’t seem to phase the assumed Heisman winner.  They don’t play much defense on that team and if he has an off game that could prove their downfall, but right now they don’t seem to have anyone on their schedule that’s going to keep up with them. Geno Smith is fun to watch.  He’s efficient and that offense may be the best in the country (sorry Oregon).  Easily the biggest winner of the weekend as he essentially won the Heisman if he can stay consistent.


Not only did they have an off week their ‘only’ competition on their schedule got exposed.  They’ll have to play the games to win them but right now staying motivated to play up to their potential looks like their biggest obstacle until the SEC Championship game.


Biggest Losers


They had two weeks to prepare for a team that was beaten, demoralized, and ready to roll over.  Except that they weren’t.  Auburn came out and did everything they could to lose that game.  It was never even competitive and they are on the cusp of two years removed from the national championship potentially winning 4 games this year.  Ouch.

Pat Dye wouldn’t trade Chizik for ’10 Sabans’. Pat Dye is an idiot.



Serving Crow…

James owes Ole Miss an apology for predicting they’d get routed, but other than that it was quiet.  If you have a prediction let us know on Thursday so we can reward/shame you accordingly the next week.

Eating Crow…

Other than Auburn we all came out pretty good this week.

Be sure to come back Thursday for our predictions on this next week.

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3 thoughts on “Week 6: A Review for ‘SC Marcus’

  1. Thanks Ash. As a long suffering Gamecock, I know how hard it can be to even think about football when your team tanks it. And since we are on our way to a night game at LSU, I’ll probably be able to relate in about 4 days. I just wish Honey Badger was still playing. His name made for an excellent drinking game.

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