Week 12 Review: The SEC is Laughing at You…
muschamp ha ha

Week 12 brought us plenty of excitement, just not in our predictions.  Outside a couple of boneheaded picks, we all had a decent week.  What else do you expect when almost everyone in the SEC  is playing cupcakes?

Week 12 Predictions

JP………………Straight up (11 – 2, 84.6%)

Against the Spread (5 – 2, 71.4%)

Honest Abe…Straight up (10 – 3, 76.9%)  

Against the Spread (4 – 3, 57.1%)

Ash……..…….Straight up (9 – 4, 69.2%)

Against the Spread (3 – 4, 42.9%)

Ash’s slight slip this week allowed JP to briefly jump back out in front with straight up winners.  However, Ash is still leading our field of less than talented pickers when it comes to the spread.

Season Totals after week 12 predictions:

JP………………Straight up (96 – 33, 74.4%)

Against the Spread (53  – 60, 46.9%)

Ash……..…….Straight up (101 – 35, 74.2%)

Against the Spread (65 – 55, 54.9%)

Honest Abe…Straight up (78 – 58, 57.4%)  

Against the Spread (63 – 57, 52.5%)


Biggest Surprise(s)

Is feeling lonely and vulnerable about right now…

Baylor, Stanford, and UCLA

Baylor came out and beat Kansas State like they still had RG3 taking snaps.  Losing by over 20+ points to an unranked team in your conference should bring you shame.  Stanford made it a defensive struggle against Oregon and made Chip Kelly wish he had used a scholarship on kicker.  Two missed field goals cost Oregon the game…and probably a PAC-12 Championship and a chance to play for the National Title.  USC came out and spotted UCLA 24 points in 2010 Iron Bowl fashion.  USC came roaring back… but Lane Kiffin and friends just didn’t have enough in the tank to win it.  Matt Barkley is no Cam Newton.  However, the Trojans can still ruin it for the Irish and cause even more chaos…

Biggest Winners

Could they meet up in Miami… again?


With the two critical loses on Saturday, it looks likely that the SEC Champion will now be in Miami in January… pending any major upsets this weekend.  Alabama, Georgia, and Florida all have a shot at finding themselves in Miami come January.  Another All SEC match up in the big game  isn’t out of the question either…

Biggest Losers

Everyone else

Last week the country celebrated as Alabama lost to Texas A&M.  This week, most of them have let the reality sink in that the SEC will more than likely be in Miami.  There are two things you will always find in SEC Country: God and football… and not necessarily in that order.  Lets put it this way, Vince Young was the last non-SEC quarterback to win a National Championship.  That was in a game against Reggie Bush.  Still not sinking in?  Nick Saban was a first year coach with the Dolphins.  The SEC is so awesome that its only loss in the national championship game was to itself.  Take that Chuck Norris!

Was as successful as Oregon’s kicker was this last weekend.

Lucky Dog Award

Johnny Football became the front runner in the Heisman race after Oregon and Kansas State crapped their respective beds this weekend.  I’m rooting for you son… Don’t screw it up against Missouri… and don’t ever try kicking again.


We Feel Sorry For…

The B1G Ten.  You guys just settled for Maryland and Rutgers.  That’s kind of like the SEC being forced to take East Carolina and Florida Atlantic.   What am I supposed to say… Congratulations?

ECU to the SEC? HAHAHAHA! We do have standards…

Delicious, Tasty Crow

We all share in missing one game this week and it was that game in Eugene.  We all thought that the Ducks were going to run right through Stanford.  We were wrong.  Chip Kelly pulled one straight out of the Les Miles school of coaching and the results will likely keep him from winning anything this year.  Thanks for hurting my record and pride coach.

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