Another season in the books and that means our pick-em season draws to a close.  Let’s take a look at how we did.

Standings from Bowl Extravaganza Spectacular of Ridiculousness, Part Duex:

Ash……..…….Straight up (11-5 68.75%), ATS (9-7 56.25%)

JP………………Straight up (12-4 75%), ATS (9-7 56.25%)

Honest Abe…Straight up (6-10 37.5%), ATS (6-10 37.5%)

That brings our season totals to…

Season Totals after Bowl Extravaganza Spectacular of Ridiculousness, Part Duex predictions:

Ash……..…….Straight up (139 – 51, 73.15%), ATS (97 – 77, 55.74%)

JP………………Straight up (134 – 51, 72.43%), ATS (80  – 89, 47.33%)

Honest Abe…Straight up (99 – 91, 52.10%), ATS (88 – 86, 50.57%)


We’re currently working on renaming the site for next season.  We’re leaning towards something like  It’s a work in progress.

Biggest Winner:

Obviously the winner here is the Crimson Tide.  An absolute demolishing of Notre Dame on the national stage makes them clear winner.  This makes #15 (depending on what count you recognize) but either way they are the cream of the crop in college football for another year.  If you’re a High School player worth his value and you want to get into the NFL I can’t see you playing for anyone else if they come calling.






Runner Up:

The obvious runner up is the State of Alabama.  Between Alabama and Auburn the BCS Championship has been a resident of this state for 4 seasons and may very well end it’s life here as well if next season turns out like recent history.  When the playoffs hit it’ll be an entirely different arrangement and I can’t imagine we’ll see a run like this then, but if not then it’s been fun while it’s lasted.








Biggest Loser:

Notre Dame stirred the echos and made it to the main stage, but then they showed the whole country that they aren’t ready for the spotlight and embarrassed themselves.  It was still impressive that they managed to survive their schedule undefeated, but given their collapse when it counted I don’t see them winning any titles in their future.







A Special Thanks:

A special thanks to every that took the time to read this site this year.  An extra special thanks if you shared or liked us on Facebook or told a friend about us.  We definitely couldn’t have been as successful as we were this year without you and we look forward to what the off-season holds for us.

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