Week 6 Review: Momma Said There Would Be Days Like This…
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Week 6 predictions were horrible for all prognosticators out there, both professionally and amateur. We took our beatings just like the rest.  The good thing is that with so many upsets the Week 7 predictions should prove to more humorous than last week. Here are our thoughts on what was the best weekend of college football yet this season.

Week 6 Review

Last year Bo Wallace opened his mouth and lost.  This year he was quiet and won.

Bo Wallace guaranteed a win against the Crimson Tide. He was just a year late on delivering it.

Best Game of the Week

Ash:  This is hardest pick this season because of the dynamic nature of so many games this week.  Even in the SEC it’s difficult to pick a winner.  I think the more entertaining game for me was UK/SC but taking in to account the impact nationally it has to be the Bama/Ole Miss game.

Nate: There is no doubt in my mind, especially since I called it in the preseason, that this one goes to the Ole Miss – Alabama game.

JP: Obviously it was the Alabama/Ole Miss game… or was it the South Carolina/Kentucky game… or was it the Florida/Tennessee game?  No it had to be the UCLA/Utah game.  Seriously, impossible to pick this weekend.  As a pure college football fan, these type of weekends are truly the best unless your team lost.  Thank you college football for keeping it real.
Worst Game of the Week

Our target audience

I wonder what these classic folks thought of the game Saturday?

Ash: Nationally it was easily the ending of the Massachusetts/Miami (Ohio) game.  10 seconds in the red zone only needing a FG to win and instead of spiking it and kicking, you throw to the flat and get tackled in bounds to lose and give the RedHawks their first win in 21 games.  In SEC to me it was Auburn/LSU.  That game was lopsided and non-competitive the entire game.  For a usually tight match up and everyone expecting LSU to give Auburn a challenge that game was as non-entertaining as it got this weekend, even for Auburn fans.

Nate: The Aggies laid an egg all up in Starkville this weekend. They tried to make a late push to at least make the game respectable, but everyone watching knows that Dax Prescott had his way with the A&M defense and it really wasn’t close. I expected way more out of the Aggies, so this turned into my worst game of the week.

JP:  Texas A&M/Mississippi State at least looked respectable when compared to the LSU/Auburn or the Vandy/UGA games.  The bloodletting in Athens gets my vote.  It was the only game in the SEC that was truly never in question before or during the game.  We all knew what was going to happen to Vandy and it did.


Team(s) I was Most Impressed By

photo (61)Ash: Kentucky and Mississippi State.  Kentucky doesn’t win these games historically, and down 14 late they could have chosen to keep that trend going, but they fought back and beat a wounded South Carolina team, but a win is a win.  They’ll be 1 game away from bowl eligibility after this weekend.  My other is Mississippi State.  I believe this team is legitimately talented.  Some wondered after LSU if that was a fluke win and they showed it wasn’t.  This team is balanced and has bought into what Mullen is selling, they are the scariest team to play in the West this year, IMO.

Nate: I want to keep riding my Ole Miss bandwagon this week, but I will do that enough throughout the rest of this. So for this one I will give it to Auburn. They beat down a good LSU squad; not a great one, but one that was better than a 34 point loss. Auburn just “layeth the smacketh down” in the Jungle that night.

JP:  Hard to choose this week, but if you have the word Mississippi in your formal name and play in the SEC it was a good weekend for you.  Ole Miss found a way to beat Alabama and Mississippi State throttled their second straight top 10 ranked team.  Hats off to the whole state of Mississippi for being top 5 in something.  You earned it.  It’s October and both of you have something to say about the SEC West race.


Team I was Most Disappointed with

South Carolina has given up two 4th quarter leads this year.

South Carolina has blown 4th quarter leads in back to back weeks.  What happened?

Ash:  I wouldn’t have thought 6 weeks in we’d be talking about how irrelevant South Carolina is to the SEC East picture, but that’s the case.  LSU had perhaps the worst game I’ve ever seen LSU play in the last decade, but the expectations for them were low with what they lost coming into this season.  South Carolina was the clear favorite to win the East and now they’re going to have to hope they finish with a better conference record that Kentucky, let that sink in.

Nate: Just when I think South Carolina can’t possibly out do themselves… they do. Either Vanderbilt is way better than everyone thinks, or South Carolina is WAY more horrendous than most of the nation thought. Not to take anything away from the turn around taking place in Lexington, but let’s just be honest.

JP: Florida and Tennessee get to share this title.  Auburn had more yards (247) in the first quarter than either team (233, 232) did in the entire game.  The game of football took two steps backwards in Neyland stadium on Saturday.  Tennessee also found a way to lose their 3rd straight game.


Player of the Week:

JoJo Kemp did his best Randall Cobb impersonation Saturday night.

JoJo Kemp did his best Randall Cobb impersonation Saturday night.

Ash:  I’m going with JoJo Kemp for Kentucky.  When the Wildcats switched from Towles to the Wildcat with Kemp everyone in the stadium knew what was coming and for two straight drives he put that game on his back and ran over the Gamecocks.  There might have been better numerical performances, but there wasn’t a player that did more to help his team win than Kemp did this weekend.

Nate: His stats were good, but it is the fact that Bo Wallace made plays every time his team needed it on the biggest stage of his career is what earn his spot here, for me, this week. Honorable mention goes to the entire Ole Miss defense for reminding people why there was a quarterback controversy in Tuscaloosa before the season.

JP:  It would be easy to go with Dak Prescott, Nick Marshall, or even Bo Wallace on a day like Saturday, but how about Conner Halliday of Washington State? 734 yards, 6 touchdowns and 0 picks.  That’s a new NCAA record folks for yardage.  I’m not sure I could put those numbers up on the PS4 if I tried.  Too bad his team still lost the game.


Games I have to apologize for:

I guess we are going to have to respect the bell around here... (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

I guess we are going to have to respect the bell around here…
(AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Ash:  6 loses is a hard pill to swallow.  Florida, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, TCU, and even Michigan State.  It was brutal this week and I definitely put too much stock in ‘historically good’ teams to rebound.

Nate: This is a long one for everyone this week, so I will try to keep it short. Sorry, UT, for the fact that you lost your offense at the worst possible time. Sorry, A&M, for thinking that your defense was different from last year’s. I am sorry to LSU for actually thinking you had heart. Michigan State, I am sorry you are in the Big 10. Oklahoma, you suck… And South Carolina, I am sorry for thinking Spurrier would wear his visor throughout this entire game. I am out of breath…

JP:  Let me begin this monologue by saying as much as I hate how weekends like this reflect on my prediction record, but I love them as a fan. So let me eat my crow in the only way I know how… in order.

Dear Florida, you are still a horrible team. But good job beating Tennessee at home.  I guess some things never change.

Dear Mississippi State,  I guess I should have gone with Jackie Sherrill’s last stop instead of his prior one.  Dak Prescott looked more like Johnny Manziel than Kenny Hill did.

Dear Ole Miss, you didn’t run the ball well at all, but you still beat the Crimson Tide. Bo Wallace did do his best Stephen Garcia impression, I was just wrong about which one.  Good job on beating the refs on the blown call before half as well.  Facemasks are easy for 60,000+ in the stands and several million television viewers to spot, but hard for the one person who has to make the call.

Dear Notre Dame, I could have thrown that last touchdown on 4th down to win that game.  Congrats on beating the tree.  At least you didn’t poison it.  I can’t wait to see you and Florida State faceoff.

Dear TCU, thanks for ruining the Big 12’s best shot at getting in the playoff.  I hope you are happy with yourself.  In all seriousness though, what is a horned frog?

Dear Kentucky, midnight madness starts next week.  Does that mean people will still care about Wildcat football then?  …And why do the Wildcat announcers call the “wildcat” offense at Kentucky the wild “JoJo?”  Is that because people would confuse the Wildcat offense with the “wildcat” offense?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Either way, good job of telling South Carolina you were going to run the ball straight at them and then doing it over and over and over.


Parting Shots

Ash:  Somehow in the SEC’s cannibalism of itself the league has gotten stronger nationally.  Some people’s top 4 includes 3 SEC West teams.  Unfortunately for them this week will eliminate one from that mix with Auburn/MSU playing but it’s hard to say any conference out there is playing better football right now.

Nate: Every year, there is a couple of weekends that shake the foundations of the college football universe. This may have been one of the worst seismic shifts in recent history. 5 of the top 10 teams went down Saturday, and 10 of the top 25. This is setting up to be a highly entertaining playoff selection for it’s inaugural season. My last parting shot is this: I may not have the overall best predictions record, but I am the only one that still has a chance for his SEC championship prediction to come to fruition. Well, at least for another week…

JP:  What else is there left to say?  Maybe next weekend will be more entertaining than this last one?  Either the race in the SEC West is going to become a bit more clear next week or the waters are going to get real murky.

This week’s winner is….   Honest Abe.  That’s right folks, we all lost to a penny.  I have a feeling that he beat out most national pundits as well.

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