Week 11 Review: Blood in the water

Week 11 Review

The week started with 3 teams in the playoffs and ended with 2 as Auburn likely fumbled away it’s chances at playoff magic.  Other one loss teams (Notre Dame, Michigan State) also watched their hopes get dashed as the clock is zero.  It’s a crazy time of year in college football normally, and now that we’re dealing with 4 teams instead of two it’s getting even crazier.  We hope you enjoyed our picks last week, shout out to JP and Nate who tied this week at 8-3.

Best Game of the Week

All the hot chicks in the desert can’t erase the sting of that game.

Ash:   There was a time I thought I’d be making the ND/ASU game my selection here but it wasn’t meant to be.  The Auburn/A&M ending almost qualifies it here because of it’s bizarre fashion but given the overall closeness of the game it’s going to have to be Bama/LSU.  It wasn’t the best product on the field for four quarters, but in the end it was a very dramatic ending both before and after OT.

JP:  It was a boring defensive struggle, but how can you not pick a Bama/LSU that goes into OT called by Verne and Gary?  The only thing that is certain about a LSU/Bama game is that it is going to be drama filled.  This year’s game was no different.  Our thoughts go out to TJ Yeldon.  His injury looked painful.

Nate: Like both the guys said, LSU/Bama. This one is a no brainer…



Worst Game of the Week:

Ash:   Georgia/Kentucky was pretty unwatchable from the returned opening kickoff by Georgia to the end.  Georgia off a poor effort against Florida didn’t seem to have any problems with the once promising now disappointing Kentucky Wildcats.

I imagine this is how Mark Stoops has felt for the last few games.

Nate: For me, this one has to be in the bluegrass state. Oh Kentucky, how we once thought you were for real. But alas, the truth always comes to light. The only thing that got me excited about this one was… Oh wait, nothing.

JP:  It was a boring defensive struggle, but how can you not pick a Bama/LSU that goes into OT called by Verne and Gary?  Yes this is a repeat.  When forced to select, I’ll go with the Baylor/Oklahoma game.  Oh Oklahoma…



Team I was most impressed by:

Ash:  TCU continues to make a case for possibly being the best team in the country.  In a game against a good Kansas State team they easily handled the challenge.  If it wasn’t for a late collapse against Baylor I think the Horned Frogs would be in the discussion for the top overall spot in the playoffs.  This team steadily puts up 40+ points and seems to have an overall defense that’s capable of making it difficult on their opponents.    

Nate: On the flipside of the worst game is the most impressive team. UGA thoroughly beat the wild out of the cats, running up and down the field and scoring at will. Even their second string marched the ball directly into the endzone. It was a beatdown I, personally, didn’t see coming.

JP:  Arizona State absolutely beat the *&$# out of the Irish in Tempe.   The Sun Devils keep winning and I get to keep posting picture of coeds.  I call that #winning


Team I was most disappointed by:

Ash:  Auburn.  There wasn’t a facet of the Auburn gameplan that didn’t contribute to some element of their loss.  The defense got gashed for a while, the special teams let up a blocked FG for a touchdown, and the offense struggled at times and eventually gave up two game-losing fumbles that cost them first a shot at a go ahead touchdown and then a game tying FG.  Disappointing effort all around for a team that had high hopes.

Nate: Auburn, Auburn, Auburn… Two major miscues and major turnovers in the last three minutes probably cost the Tigers any chance at the playoffs. They beat themselves, on every front. So much for a second straight national title game.

JP:  Auburn, Oklahoma, Kansas State.  Take your pick.  Auburn underwhelmedagainst a Texas A&M team starting a true freshman on the road.  Auburn is now 0-2 on the season after fumbling their first offensive snap.  Oklahoma lost to Baylor at home for the first time ever.  Kansas State got destroyed by TCU.


Player of the Week

Ash:   Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett is my pick here.  Accounting for 5 total touchdowns and leading Ohio State to a huge win over Michigan State.  Braxton who….

Nate: Even though it was in a losing effort, Cameron Artis-Payne put up video-like numbers. With over 200 hundred yards and 2 touchdowns on 30 touches, he also averaged 7.4 yards per carry.

JP:  Auburn has a way of making freshman and backup quarterbacks looking all world.  Kyle Allen was the latest recipient. 277 yards, 4 touchdowns and only 1 interception is not bad for the first time out on the road.


Games I have to Apologize for:

Ash:  I’ll apologize to A&M, TCU and ASU (I can’t believe I got off their bandwagon).  I apologize to Bama for thinking you’d lose even though you almost did, and I apologize to Ohio State for assuming you’d collapse on the big stage.

Nate: I apologize to the War Chickens for them laying a big ol’ fat egg Saturday night. I apologize to Notre Dame for thinking Everett Golson had turned a corner.And lastly, I apologize to Michigan State for thinking you would make the playoffs.

JP:  I really like doing this Dear John style… So I’m going to keep it up.

Dear Texas A&M, congrats on finding a new quarterback.  You have too many playmakers to being looking as pitiful as you did on offense.  Go forth without the Trill.

Dear Ohio State, you are in the Big 10.  I don’t apologize to anyone in the Big 10.

Dear Alabama, congrats on winning in Baton Rouge.  You earned it.


Parting Shots:

Ash:  It’s hard to think that only a year ago we were haggling over hidden BCS formulas and trying to rationalize who was the best team in college football.  This new playoff situation isn’t perfect but it’s amazingly interesting.  If we were talking about the best two teams in the country it’d be a boring discussion, but open it up to four teams and get into the one loss discussions and it’s a fantastically in depth discussion.

Nate: I am a firm believer that if a game comes down to a decision by the refs, then you haven’t done your job. Most of the time, there are way more missed opportunities in the game than crucial officiating calls. Auburn was a prime example, Saturday night. They should have never been in a position to lose that way. They were playing a swiss cheese defense and shot their own selves in the foot. It should never have come down to who won the ball at what point amidst a dog pile. Shame on people blaming the refs.

JP: Nothing has made me more mad this year than refs inserting themselves into games this season.  My opinion is that refs should be like a good waiter, seen but rarely heard.  There keeps being instance after instance that men in stripes potentially impact the outcome of a game.  To this date, I can’t pin a loss solely on the refs.  That’s the good thing.  The bad thing is that there has been at least one game a week where the refs are specifically referenced after the fact.


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