Advantages of Writing a Novel

Novel can sometimes be as interesting as watching a movie or a TV show or even more interesting than that if you’re reading a very good book. Most movies and TV shows are adaptations of famous novels. Writing a novel to capture the readers mind is an entirely different art. You can learn more about writing at  Let’s take a look at a few advantages of writing a novel.

When you’re just starting out as a writer, you won’t have any deadlines or time constraints for you to rush through your book. You can take months, even years to polish and perfect your first book. This gives you the freedom to take it slow and write whenever you have the time to do so.

Once your book gets published, critics and users would read your book and spread their opinions around. If it gets received well, then you could become famous and make lots of money from it. People will be eager to read your next book.

You explore a lot of different genres while writing a book. Just because your first fantasy book was a huge hit does not mean you have to stick to the same formula. You can write fantasy or action, or drama. It could be anything you want.

Turning your hobby into a full time career could make a lot of people happy and some people sad. Regardless of your opinions on this topic, it’s possible to make writing a full-time job. This even pays you well, provided the content is decent and frequent.

Bringing your imagination to life:
One of the main reasons you want to start writing a book is to bring all your original ideas and thoughts to life. You might have imagined a whole new world with different kinds of characters and all the weird interactions between them. The feeling of writing all of them down and sharing it with others who are interested is amazing.

Stress buster:
There are a lot of activities that help reduce stress and writing is one of them. After a busy day of work, you can relax and start writing and it won’t be long before you get lost in the world that you have created by yourself.

These are most of the obvious benefits of writing a novel. There are plenty small ones that help as you write on a regular basis. You can learn more at