How much you have thought about socialization of a child?

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Today, children between 2 and 5 years have fewer options to interact with children of close ages, as many do not have siblings and, in addition, families are smaller than years ago. Therefore, the entrance to the garden is fundamental for socializing, and socializing is the key to integral development. If you are looking for international kindergarten hong kong, then contact us.

Process of socialization of a child 

Aura Sofía Rico, an expert doctor in child development, affirms that in the garden there are two fundamental processes: socialization and language development.

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english playgroup hong kongThe first one, he explains, is essential for the growth of the little one, because it teaches him the wait of turn, the tolerance to frustration and good manners, processes that, for the most part, do not occur when children do not share with others.

“In the garden, the little ones integrate, relate and accept, with greater awareness, that they are different from others. In addition, the fact of having to share toys, have a routine for rest, play and food, makes them enrich their socialization process, “Rico explains.

Regarding the development of language, the most likely thing is for the mother to understand everything to her son, even if she speaks half of the language. On the other hand, other children do not. When interacting with peers, the child will have to make an effort to be understood.

Other benefits of socialization are

– Learn to solve conflicts. It is likely that at home he has no one to fight for a toy, with whom to share the mother, with whom to fight; but in the garden, he will have it. The toy will be taken away, he will do the same with another child, he will have to share the teacher. These first problems are fundamental to learn to face them and to know what to do.

– Play with others. The game has an evolution, from solitaire to fun with clear rules, winners and losers. For this process to occur naturally in the child, it is key to play with others, because they will learn to share, to comply with the rules of the game, to understand what others do and what they can do. Playing with an adult is not the same as playing with children his age.

– It will move more. What other children do can be a stimulus. Maybe the child will want to run like the partner or climb the stairs like the friend.