A family trip to France for the year

family trip to France

France is among the finest tourist destinations in the world. When in France, a tourist expects to come across exquisite sights, a cacophony of cultures, along with world-renowned historic wonders.

There is a lot for a tourist to do on a holiday trip to France. The prolific Eiffel is just one of the prime marvels in France and is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

When in France for a holiday trip a tourist must visit the Notre Dame Cathedral and witness the glory of the monument. The palace of Versailles in Paris is also a monument that one must essentially go to. Roman ruins in Lyon and Arles are a must-visit.

France is a trekker’s paradise as well. Scenic locales and countryside towns are best visited on foot, and the trekking trails bring delight to the spirit.

While there are many spots to visit in France, such as the Alps and a lot to do beyond sightseeing, such as skiing and water rafting, some places come by as must-visit on a trip to France.

Dordogne lies towards the South of France and is the most beautiful holiday region in France. Holidays in Dordogne never fail to delight the tourists, and some of the most picturesque villages in France are located in Dordogne.

It is, the prehistoric times, caves, and castles that Dordogne is associated with. A few of the mesmerizing castles are Montbazillac and Hautefort. Camping in Dordogne is a joy. The food over there is delicious. There is a river over there, which is also called as Dordogne.

South of France

While medieval towns and cities are must-visit, one has a choice at playing golf and canoeing when in Dordogne. Alternately, the landscape is just fine for horse riding, mountain biking, cycling and walking. A city trip to Sarlat is a must on a holiday to Dordogne.

Brittany in Western France comes across as another must-visit destination when on a trip to France. Brittany is where the explorers like to go. It is recognized for its thick forests and a dramatic coastline. An adventurer would find a lot to delight in when in Brittany.

Brittany is alternately recognized for its deep-rooted mysticism which is prehistoric in its aura. It’s a land of proud traditions and culinary delights, while some differences from Paris are prominent.

Brittany boasts of some astounding and exquisite sights, such as St-Malo beach, charming Dinan and the regal Dinard. Towns of Vannes, Quimper, and Rascoff are like priceless jewels.

When in Brittany, one comes across megaliths in Carnac, catchy coastlines in Finistere, and the Morbihan coast. Crepes in Brittanny are must-try, and one must consume some homemade cider as well. When in Brittany, one is very likely to come across korrigans, which are fairies or spirits.

Beaches in Brittany are divine. They got great beaches all around, bustling with energy and life. Pan Celtic traditions in Brittany are a delight to observe. Many cultural festivals in Brittany celebrate Celtic music and dance. Alfresco holidays reviews can give one a nice idea about their trips, and what they can expect from holidays to the coveted destinations. One can write one’s review over there as well.