Getting the Perfect Photo in the Wild

Norman Asch

Unlike indoor photography where everything can be controlled to the tiniest detail, wildlife and other outdoor photography has its own movement, and its own landscape. You must adjust accordingly to get the best shot.

Preparation is key to getting that perfect photograph. Know your gear and your subject. Practice makes perfect on your gear, and being around wildlife enough to anticipate their movements can give you an edge on your subject.

You’ll need patience to get close to wildlife. Anna Glickstein, an experienced photographer, said “The animals allowed him to get closer to him than anyone I’ve ever seen.” about Norman Asch, a young photographer that she and her husband took under their wing. With patience on his side, he was able to wait until the animals got really close, getting the best shot.

Norman Asch

When working in the wild you can’t change a lot about the landscape, so you have to do the adjusting. Change your angle, or zoom to get a different perspective. Work with your camera to make the lighting work. Patience come into play here too. You may have to wait for the perfect lighting to make your shot.

Finally you’ll need to be there. There in the right place at the right time, ready to take your pictures. But also remember, if you don’t take in the moment then you may just lose out on an amazing experience. Don’t be so wrapped up in the technical aspect that you forget to enjoy yourself.