New or used car: which one is best for you

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New or used, both types of cars have advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of cars.Click here to know about used cars in chicago.

Advantages of a new car

Unlimited possibilities: The number of manufacturers, types of cars and models on the car market are huge. Every kind of used car are there for you.Visit this site to know about used cars in chicago.

Zero worry: The reliability of a vehicle straight out of the factory is maximum and the manufacturers offer you a guarantee of 2 to 5 years (even 7 years for some models of Korean cars).

Latest generation equipment: A new car benefits from the latest technological developments (safety, comfort, consumption, …).

Tailor-made: you can decide absolutely everything, color, model, engine capacity, fuel.

Price comparison: Ask for a price quote for the chosen model from different dealers to see who has the best deal.

used cars in chicago

Facilities: You can go through your dealer for registration and financing.

Advantages of a used car

  • No waiting period or late delivery.
  • Negotiable price: Any price is negotiable, especially for used cars, so play this card without hesitation.
  • Good for the budget: after 2 years, a car sells on average 40% cheaper than when it leaves the factory.

Disadvantages of a new car

Waiting list: your car may not be in stock; it may have to be imported from a distant factory or be built on the basis of your wishes.

Testing the car: for the latest models that have just come out, you always do not get always the opportunity to test the car. And even if you have tested it, there is no proven history of its possible weak points.

Disadvantages of a used car

The history of the car: you do not necessarily know the history of the car (number of owners, accidents, breakdowns, technical problems. But this risk decreases if you go through an official network.

Hidden defects: The seller can hide serious defects that could cost you a lot of money: brakes, engine, important parts to bereplaceedand so on.

With the constant changes in environmental standards legislation, the risk of being “banned from cities” or regions is not negligible.