The best support with the disaster Relief in Pakistan

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The 2000s always proved to be the turbulent decade in Pakistan. There was a threat of terrorism which began to rise to the new heights, along with the natural disasters which proved to be unrelenting. This had caused  Millions of citizens to flee when they suffered a lot of extreme conditions.

The support that could be of a great relief

The support was shown by Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood could prove to be the best help. There was enough fund raised that could handle the situations of Two major earthquakes, floods as well as a crippling drought. The money that was raised could be enough to help combat the Immense suffering. There was a relief to the ones who faced the loss of livestock, livelihood as well as everything else.

education charity

Introduction to The Dawood Foundation founded by Bashir Dawood&MariyamDawood

This was the foundation that was founded and Supported by Bashir Dawood&MariyamDawood. The Dawood Foundation has proved itself to be the prominent contributor towards the relief effort which is based in Pakistan. This foundation has found a great significance with the instrumental help that could be focussed at the provision of relief-aid as well as all kinds of support for the homeless.


Such support could actually work the best to give the homeless people a way to choose another survival option. This could bring vast changes in the downtrodden economy that was faced by the flood.