Service provided by Corporate Secretary in Singapore

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The corporate secretary is the officer who is responsible for the administrative work of the company. corporate secretary service Singapore is keeping the operations of the company by the laws and regulations of Singapore. They are responsible for managing the compliance and is acting as the middleman between the directors and shareholders. Corporate secretaries are also sharing the responsibility of the legal obligations with the directors of the company. When the secretary finds a break in the law then he is responsible for informing the persons who are concerned about the matters which need to be resolved soon.

Outsourcing Corporate secretarial services

When you are outsourcing the duties and responsibilities of the corporate secretary then you will save more money and time. For NRI and foreign entrepreneurs, this is a very good service to take up for their company formation in Singapore. The process of up-keeping and registering the company in Singapore is a very time consuming and challenging task. Corporate secretaries are facilitating and preparing the process of registering a new company in Singapore. In this way, the entrepreneurs are also able to save time which is been wasted on paperwork.

The role of the corporate secretary is very important. There are corporate secretary services in Singapore who are been able to help in statutory registering the company and able to fulfill all the mandatory requirements of the law which are been placed by ACRA. This will save the cost on the headcount and the addresses of the local office.

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