Understanding Each Position Before Playing Soccer


In a soccer game, how you play will depend on the position that you hold. You cannot just kick the ball anytime you want! This is why it is very important that you know what are the positions are and understand what each of their responsibilities is. For younger players, they would usually just crowd over their teammates and chase the ball.

Once each player understands their individual jobs, you will start to realize that these players start to move and play as a team. 먹튀검증 or verification within yourself of the position that suits you best is very important. So here is the general breakdown of the major roles of each player:


For defense, there are two roles: goalkeeper and defender. The goalkeeper or the ‘goalie’ or ‘keeper’ will position in front of the net. They are usually the last line of defense and they will do everything to keep their opponent from scoring. The defender, on the other hand, is situated just in front of the goalie. What they do is they protect the goalie and help block shots.


The midfielders are the ones who play the most in the middle of the field. They are also called the ‘halfbacks.’ Their position should be in between the forwards and the defenders. The midfielders are the ones that keep the offensive and the defensive lines connected. They are the ones who mostly move around during a game. Midfielders are playing both the offensive and defensive roles.



For offense, you will have the forward or the striker. They are the front lines of the game and they position closest to the goal of the opponent. The strikers are usually the fastest on the field and they should have good ball control as well as impressive scoring ability. They are the attackers of the team. Strikers are the ones who score goals and remain just in front of the midfielders for the offense.

Knowing and understanding the set positions of the team should not only be the focus. It is best to try different positions and responsibilities so that you know which is perfect for your skills and abilities. Having a complete understanding of each role can help contribute to everyone to have a well-rounded game.