Beginners Guide to Understand More about Workflow

Beginners Guide to Understand More about Workflow

For anybody who is getting started, the workflow management is not a simple field to get in. Before you know its basics, you are bombarded with many corporate buzzwords: workflow automation, process mapping, and more! So you will end up thinking– what is workflow, or how you can use this to make your business efficient? Well, we will explain that!

What is the Workflow?What is the Workflow?

A “workflow” is one kind of process to get your work done. It is the series of tasks that you have to complete to reach certain repeatable business goal. Key word is repeatable. Workflow must not get confused with the task (one-time), or many different tasks bulked together (it is the project). It is the chain of tasks, which happen in the sequence or something that you will do on the regular basis.

In order, to give you the better idea on how it works, let us cover the practical example of employee Onboarding. When you hire any new employee, you have to explain them how your company works, and their role and many other things.

Whenever people refer “workflows,” they actually mean about graphical representation. It is generally done in a form of the workflow diagram or documentation, and workflow management software. At an end of a day, just listing out tasks is good, but it does not actually do much for the business.

Visualizing this, though, will really be the game changer. So, by drawing the workflow as flowchart and documenting any important information on completing this allows you analyze or improve this process, and eliminate any bottlenecks. Using the workflow software generally allows you track your workflows from beginning to end. In order, to help you to get most out of the business, we will explain how you can document the workflows, and use workflow management program to track or automate them.

Workflow Documentation and Diagrams

The workflow diagram is a graphic illustration of the workflow in a form of certain kind of the diagram. It can be the flowchart, SIPOC, value stream map, swimlane, or many more. In order, to get most from the workflows, you have to create the documentation and diagram. It gives you the fuller idea of what this workflow is or what it includes. In turn, it will help the business with…

  • New Hire Onboarding –When you make any hire, you have to explain to your employee how to do some specific workflows. It will mean plenty of involvement & time wasted at your end. With the documentation, employees will have the single document to learn and refer from in case they forget anything.
  • Workflow Analysis & Improvement – You have got workflows into your business, however, are they very efficient? For many organizations, answer is “no.” Designing the documentation and diagram allows you analyze this workflow or find any bottlenecks as well as inefficiencies.