wisdom tooth extraction singapore

The Smile is perhaps the most important introductory gesture of one human being meeting another. Many of the higher species show their teeth, sometimes as a greeting, but none can smile as meaningfully as the homo sapiens. But a smile is physically absolutely dependent on the condition of the Teeth. Unfortunately, under certain circumstances, the Dental Specialist has no option but to advice complete removal of one or some of the teeth. The resultant gap is not only unsightly, but can cause infection of the open space in the gums. The patients are then forced to undertake dental implant procedure in order to rectify the situation permanently.

Best Bet

The use of false teeth requires much care and attention, and also the danger of losing these false teeth at the most inappropriate of occasions. The Dental Implant is always the best bet for the patient.


The dental implant procedure often involves the following:

  • Dental Implants are extremely long-lasting, and are often life-time.
  • The medical health reports must be provided to the Specialist, before implantation procedure is undertaken.
  • First the otherwise-healthy patient is anaesthetized (generally local anesthesia is sufficient).
  • The mouth is cleaned, with several mouthwashes, dried and prepared.
  • The foundation is created to receive the implant, and hole is drilled in the jawbone to receive the securing screw.
  • The artificial tooth is lowered into the foundation cavity. Then it is carefully secured to the jawbone with a Titanium screw.
  • Post-surgical medication is injected, and convalescence guidance given.