Things you need to know about mask

Where do I throw the mask?

There are certain things you need to know about face mask that we will discuss in this article. Click here for Wholesale Facemasks.

What is the best mask for children?

The mask is recommended for people over six years of age. In the event that the minor is infected with Covid-19 or has symptoms, it is preferable to use surgical or hygienic masks with the UNE specification.

How long can I use the same mask?

If it is a reusable mask, the manufacturer will indicate the maximum number of washes. From there, the effectiveness of the mask is not guaranteed. In addition, it is recommended to change the mask after four hours or when it is wet. Visit this site for College Face Masks.

Types of masks available in the market

On the other hand, if it is not reusable, it must be eliminated after its recommended use, which will not exceed four hours. If the mask gets wet or deteriorates, within four hours. It should also be noted that if it is a surgical mask they are only sold in pharmacies and may have an expiration date.

Authorities has warned that if it is a handmade mask, due to the materials and methods with which they are made, they may not always have passed the control of verifications or tests, so it is not guaranteed that they are effective.

Tips for putting on a mask

  • To minimize the risk of contagion of the coronavirus, it is essential to put on the mask correctly.
  • The user must be familiar with its handling before using it.
  • Take the mask by the ends and never by the central part.
  • Wash hands before and after in the case of repositioning.
  • Do not use the masks for more than four hours.
  • The mask should be discarded and replaced with another if it is damaged or if breathing becomes difficult.
  • The mask should not undergo any small change.
  • Do not use filter masks in confined spaces or in areas that may have an accumulation of dangerous gases or vapors.